Make magic with Allhands.

Company meetings your teams will love.

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With constant change and
uncertainty as the new normal

Companies are struggling to engage
and align their workers

Employees are desperate for more frequent, clearer communication with leadership

What if there were a way to keep your folks connected and assured with more frequent and engaging all-company meetings?

Introducing Allhands, a refreshingly new experience for leaders and employees alike

Bring the energy back to meetings worth watching

Move lukewarm, quarterly meetings to a more regular cadence with multiple ways to watch and re-watch. Increase attendance and engagement rates significantly.

Keep the dialogue going between meetings

Build trust with upvoted Q&A, anonymous questions, video stories and posts from leadership, and other feedback to create a 2-way exchange of ideas from the bottom up.

Energize and align teams and inspire employees

Provide clarity by sharing (and re-sharing) the vision in an accessible, repeated format. Fuel productivity with communications distributed at each key level of your org.

The must-have platform for company wide communications in an evolving world

See how Allhands can help your company make magic too