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It’s go time. These are the values that shape us:

  • For most shows and presenters, energy is everything. That first 15 seconds often defines the next half hour. Setting the bar high and finding the next level is what we do. And as a team, we’re amplified when we work together to reach it, knowing that there are always new ways to attain max volume. This one goes to 11!

  • Our customers count on us to always be on for them - on time, on schedule and on point, both live on air and on demand. And since standing still doesn’t let us or our customers stand out, we are constantly striving to make the things we touch just a little bit better, each and every day.

  • Magic happens when we take risks, stay curious, and push the envelope. We want our customers and their teams and audiences to feel special about the magic moments we are helping them create. We all have the magic inside us, and it’s our job to tap into it and bring that creativity and magic to life.

  • Leadership requires owning it, big time. Whether it’s helping our customers produce a show, shipping code, closing deals, or taking the lead on any project, we believe excellence comes from clear ownership, following through, and being accountable if things don’t go as well as hoped.


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