Bring the magic back to all hands meetings

Allhands is the employee-loved platform for company wide communications.

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Allhands has all the tools needed to produce your own fully-branded town hall meetings and company-wide communications that will push employee engagement to new heights

Get everyone involved and drive towards total engagement

While its name comes from “all hands on deck,” most companies struggle to get employees to show up. Drive viewership towards 100% with Allhands.

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  • Branded apps for desktop, conference rooms, and iPhone / Android to meet employees wherever they are - at work, home or on the go.
  • Meeting tasks, calendar reminders and push notifications before and after meetings.
  • Integrated surveys and quizzes give an incentive to watch, knowing that analytics are tracked.
  • Meeting replays and highlight reels for those who didn’t catch the meeting live.
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Host killer and ongoing Q&A

Asking questions during meetings sounds great but doesn’t always create an authentic experience. Establish transparency and trust with feedback loops by moving the Q&A between meetings.

Give your employees a voice via video questions, anonymous polls, and upvoting features. Answer the issues that employees think really matter quickly and thoughtfully and showcase the power of video.

Create a winning team environment with shoutouts

Most employees crave recognition and feeling valued. With Allhands, create free-flowing peer to peer praise that drives motivation and belonging between meetings.

  • Use required tasks to encourage peer feedback that is tied to company values. Celebrate exceptional work and showcase heroes.
  • Celebrate new hires, promotions and anniversaries, and bring the fun back with waiting room games and an interactive directory.
  • During meetings, give employees the recognition they deserve with special on-screen overlays.
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Simplify meeting prep and production

Blow Zoom away with Greenroom, a production tool that makes it easy to create TV-quality video.

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  • Go live in-person or host remote presenters with a seamless, browser-based experience with features like presenter notes and chat to make presenting a breeze.
  • Show production tools help producers execute compelling programs that integrate Q&A, shoutouts and other features of Allhands.
  • Greenroom is designed for anyone to produce a winning meeting. And our production services team is always available if there is any need to help make any meeting extra special.

Manage organizational change through regular feedback loops

Change is really hard. But having amazing Allhands meetings at both the all company and departmental levels helps you fully distribute change initiatives and provide clarity when it matters most.

  • Get immediate feedback on the quality of each meeting with integrated surveys.
  • Use the directory to surface employee’s profiles when there is constant change to a department or company roster.
  • Host change meetings across your organization with a private social feed and Q&A.
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Educate and develop KPI literacy across all levels

Employees have varied understandings of company performance and are often overwhelmed by slide content during meetings. Help them understand it better.

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  • Post consistent KPI updates to help employees align work directly to key metrics and create strategic alignment at all levels.
  • Supplement KPIs with additional videos that explain everything so teams understand what the numbers mean.

Leave shared-drives behind, elevate the things worth sharing in modern ways

You know who’s downloading the deck after a meeting? No one.

  • Integrate key resources directly alongside the meeting such as slide PDFs, referenced files, and KPIs.
  • Drive buy-in with information access that makes sense and track who downloaded what and when.
  • Follow-up with posts and executive stories to share additional and supplemental information in formats employees will love.
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Beautiful, secure and easy

Rolling out Allhands is super easy with intuitive, cloud-based tools for HR and IT teams. This includes advanced security and authentication tools, a critical priority for many high-profile customers.

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  • White-labeled, fully-branded login screens, email templates and live meeting templates.
  • Single sign on enabling employee registration across web and mobile apps to sync with existing work credentials.
  • Whitelist and restrict IPs for security and optional branded domains such as
  • Content encrypted in SOC II redundant data centers to ensure all meetings and recorded content are secure.

Support employees, build engagement, and drive productivity with Allhands

It’s time to see what Allhands can do for your company.