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Company and employee engagement is broken, and it starts with the town hall

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Employees don't like the current town hall experience

  • 5% rate town hall meetings as highly engaging
  • 75% rate their company town halls as non-engaging
  • 50% skip town hall meetings at many companies

Employees are disconnected from the company

  • 94% report a significant change at their work environment in the last 12 months
  • 49% report wishing they hear from company leadership more often
  • 65% report having lots of questions and not understanding company strategy

Employees are feeling stressed because of ineffective company communication

  • 25% feel it’s not worth asking a question at town halls because the Q&A is staged
  • 15% don’t know how they would ask a question at a company town hall
  • 42% would ask a question at a town hall if they could be anonymous

Engaged employees build better companies. They drive more than 2.5x the earnings per share of organizations with low engagement.

And more importantly, they give their employees a strong sense of belonging which boosts morale and productivity.

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